Favor Espere a Ser…

Jenn and I finally got ourselves out of San Juan and took a quick trip over to Luquillo, the sleepy little beach town to the east of us. We only stayed two days but overall had a pretty good time.

We frequented a fun beachside bar and restaurant called Boardriders.

Lovely view of La Pared. Also, great cocktails!
We’re still waiting to be.

While there we had a chance to meet up with one of my coworkers and his wife, George and Aida. They recently bought a condo to spend weekends in Luquillo and invited us over for some wine and snacks. Jenn of course was mostly infatuated with their dog, Apolo.

View from George & Aida’s. Usually the water is a lovely turquoise…

The next day I went for a surf in what I hope was mostly sediment the rains brought down from the mountains and later we had plans to go out to lunch with George, Aida, and Apolo. Unfortunately, in typical Puerto Rican fashion the owners of the establishment we planned to dine at were out on vacation. After our lunch failure we parted ways and went back to San Juan. I’m sure we’ll be back for another round sometime soon.

The group in front of our shuttered lunch plans.
Jenn’s new buddy.

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