Puntas con Gatitas

So we took the cats out West to an area of Rincón called Puntas this week. It was a bit of a mixed bag if you were to ask Minx and Ruffian.

The car ride over was horrific but the ocean front naps were top notch.
Jenn and Minx getting in on the nap action.
Exciting new climbing nooks were explored.

As usual, beachfront cocktails were had.

Potentially too many cocktails were had for some…

I, of course, mostly made the voyage to get some fun surfing in and the waves definitely didn’t disappoint.

Not a bad view. If you zoom in to the left of the palm tree you can see a surfer out there and get a sense of the scale. It was big.

The surf was fun but left me battered and bruised. At least I still caught some fun ones.

I think the board won the exchange but neither of us left unscathed.
Me getting into one; thanks Surfline camera for the picture.

Overall I’d say it was a success, even if the 2.5 hour car ride was the worst thing that has ever happened to the kitties. Maybe they’ll join us for more adventures… screaming all the way.


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