Pat’s Quiver

Note: Surfing is in fact rarely relaxing and frequently just the opposite experience.

So a bit of surf lingo to start off: a “quiver” is a surfer’s collection of boards and is perpetually lacking at least one board which would really make it well-rounded. Now that the terminology is out the way – I’ve spent my free time this week getting a nice surf rack setup for my quiver. After a bit of internet research, a few Home Depot runs, and a few hours of stressing out the cats with drilling, it was all done. See Jenn so elegantly presenting my work below.

Unfortunately we don’t have too much to discuss this week as we’re getting ready to make a trip back to Maryland and have run out of time to pursue other adventures. We were hoping to get a bit of ziplining done but that’ll have to wait until we return. We may go out to meet our Spanish teachers for some beers later today at La Placita, a food market by day and bar/hangout spot come evening. We’ll update accordingly if it is as interesting as it sounds.

Now I just have to wait for some waves to arrive…

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