Las comidas aquí

The first couple days in Puerto Rico, we mostly ate out for simplicity’s sake. So far we’ve hit up Pirilo Pizza, whose menu teases me with a frozen avocado drink they do not make; La B de Burro, which is tacos for hipsters; and Coffeetera, which is coffee for hipsters* and possibly also a pun? We got a delicious breakfast sandwich there but also witnessed other people order the most amazing-looking pancakes I’ve ever seen and we must go back for those.

* Official Pat Contribution

But today we made it to the SuperMax, which is a chaotic good grocery store downtown. Take a gander at these avocados:

Our kitchen is small, but we’ve stocked it with some essentials and today Pat made us a healthy dinner. Look how happy he is!

Now we’re watching Guardians of the Galaxy en español, so I expect to be bilingual any moment now. ¡Hasta luego!