Stopgap measure

A lot is going on, but we’re not quite ready to share all the newness. While you’re waiting, please visually enjoy these pancakes from Coffeeterra in Ocean Park. To quote Mary Poppins quoting Keats: a thing of beauty is a joy forever.


The iguana at the end of this post

This Saturday’s adventure involved a trip to Piñones, just outside San Juan. It’s a little more off the beaten path, lined with little bars and food stalls. Here, have this video I should’ve filmed horizontally but I didn’t so let’s call it POV.

The beach on the near end of Piñones is somewhat craggy – very picturesque but not as good for lounging about. Pretty though.

We grabbed lunch at a place called The Reef, which was… not very good, food-wise. Pat later read that a lot of these places make all their food in the morning and then slap it under a heat lamp for the remainder of the day. But it was an excellent atmosphere and a nice place for drinks. Here I am modeling Medalla Light, a native Puerto Rican beer. It tastes like beer.

Don’t forget to tip your roosters.

After lunch we drove further down the road to a more comfortable beach, featuring an old coral shelf protecting a quiet ocean pool of sorts. We were able to wade over to the reef and check out the ocean on the other side.

So that’s Piñones. Anyway, here’s that wild iguana I promised.

La primera semana

A pristine panorama!

Week one of our Puerto Rico residency might be best classified as a modest success.* Pat spent all 5 work days in an employee orientation performed entirely in Spanish, of which he feels, in more optimistic moments, he understood 33% percent. Combined with his 100% understanding of governmental bureaucracy, it’s a solid start.

* This is one step above mild success and two steps ahead of what NASA once termed a “successful failure.”

Teleworking is going fine for me. More than fine, exceptional even, if you’re a big fan of cats sitting on your notebook, laptop, mouse, and keyboard. If so, I have a Ruffian you can borrow.

We’ve been lucky enough to hang on the beach for about an hour a couple days after work, but this weekend we were finally able to really leverage our location. On Saturday we rolled into the nearby Isla Verde district to scope out the real estate, enjoy the beach, and allow Pat to try a surf break on for size.

Then on Sunday, after knocking out some grocery shopping (avocado status: still ginormous), we got in some serious time at the beach right by our temporary apartment. In addition to sunning ourselves* we tried out the beachside bar, Numero Uno Beach House, whose menu includes such items as seared ahi tuna and watermelon margaritas with fresh watermelon juice. So you could say we like it there.

*Before you ask, the answer is yes. SPF 50, actually.

The recurrent tragedy that is Sunday night now weighs heavily upon us, but we persevere. Tune in later this week for more details about adventures!

Las comidas aquí

The first couple days in Puerto Rico, we mostly ate out for simplicity’s sake. So far we’ve hit up Pirilo Pizza, whose menu teases me with a frozen avocado drink they do not make; La B de Burro, which is tacos for hipsters; and Coffeetera, which is coffee for hipsters* and possibly also a pun? We got a delicious breakfast sandwich there but also witnessed other people order the most amazing-looking pancakes I’ve ever seen and we must go back for those.

* Official Pat Contribution

But today we made it to the SuperMax, which is a chaotic good grocery store downtown. Take a gander at these avocados:

Our kitchen is small, but we’ve stocked it with some essentials and today Pat made us a healthy dinner. Look how happy he is!

Now we’re watching Guardians of the Galaxy en español, so I expect to be bilingual any moment now. ¡Hasta luego!