Las adventuras de Ruffian y Minxie

On a whole, our journey to Puerto Rico was uneventful – no deaths, explosions, plane crashes, etc. Here we are with all the earthly possessions we deemed air-worthy.

If there was any excitement to be had, it was definitely provided by the cats. As we have received multiple inquiries regarding their general health, wellness, and present outlook on life, here are some of the highlights.

  • If not for the harness I bought her and Pat’s wise suggestion I clip her into the carrier, Minxie might still be somewhere in BWI. We had to take them out of their carriers so that the TSA could screen them; the moment I unzipped Minxie, she made a break for it. Thankfully, the harness/clip combination thwarted her ambitions. To paraphrase the great philosopher Zaphod Beeblebrox: 10/10 for style, Minxie, but minus several million for good thinking.
  • If we had to do it over again, Ruffian would DEFINITELY get a sedative. She is not a good little traveler. She is a flailing, wailing little traveler. Luckily the sounds of the plane drowned her out and kept her from bothering the surrounding passengers, but she had a terrible experience.
  • Aside from her prison break attempt, Minxie was pretty good until descent, when she decided that a) she was not a fan of her ears popping and b) she wanted to tell us ALL ABOUT IT VERY LOUDLY.
  • Having arrived at our temporary quarters, however, they’ve managed to settle in. Minxie, being of small brain and few thoughts, has already forgotten about the worst day of her life. Ruffian took a little longer but is now resting comfortably.
  • Mind you, after the trials of the past 36 hours, they remain EXHAUSTED. Minxie in particular has been catching up on her sleep, being as she is used to a tight 20 hours a day.
  • They’re enjoying their new life closer to street level, too, what with the birds and the people and the birds and BIRDS OMG BIRDS.

So that’s how they’re doing! Don’t worry, I’m sure there will be LOTS more pictures of their adorable stupid faces.

Tune in next time for further information for how the people are doing! (Spoiler alert: fine.)